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Hey there and welcome to my DA page! My name is Em but you can call me either shadow or Sm0l-beann! Here on this account you will find anything to everything of which my mind happens to think of. This is a FYI To anyone and everyone who happens to find me! I am sadly not as active as I use to be which means trying to find me online is probably the most painful thing you'll have to do.. Any who! I'm always open to anyone one who wishes to talk, become friends, or even ask questions!

Like I said before hand, I am barely ACTIVE! But if you wish to talk to me here is some other contact links.

Kik: Shadow1Blaze (Probably most active)
Skype: Sonicmusicblast (Not as active but is still on)
Discord: Sm0l-beann<3#5394 (Same as skype, but mostly active)
Ugh.. it's been 3 months since I've actually done something. 

Anyways, This has been on my mind for a while and I choose to address it. So this account of mine which I'm not proud of is very inactive anymore. It's part to guilt, depression, and honestly I'm scared to talk to people I've hurt. There's many people I'd love to still talk to but I've hurt them so much that I feel like they shouldn't have to deal with meanymore and I really should just deactivate because:
1.) I'm never on
2.) I've been a horrible person during this year
3.) I'm just a fucking horrible being. 

Ive had barely any help from my real life friends and I'm guessing the Internet won't help. (no this isn't a suicide note. Suicide is never the answer..) But, I'm sorry. It's an easy word to say and probably doesn't mean much but I am. I seriously and truly am. I've hurt and fucked so many peoples life's it isn't funny anymore. It's 2017, a year I can hopefully change for myself but I probably won't because knowing me I'll probably make it worse. And sadly I'm actually crying from this. I really just wanna end it but.. that isn't the answer. 



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Hep l8 bertdei, Emz
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Sup m8
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Happy bday! Toy Chica Animation Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sexy Chica - Icon GIF Bonnie - Five Nights in Anime Mangle - Five Nights in Anime Golden Freddy - Five Nights in Anime The Puppet - Five Nights in Anime Foxy - Five Nights In Anime Chica - Five Nights in Anime SpringBonnie - Five Nights in Anime Freddy - Five Nights in Anime Hamtaro  La Food Jump For Joy  love your art! Shadow1Blaze 
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